A Torah of Justice for Israel

Rabbi Arik Ascherman has dedicated his life to upholding the Jewish tradition of universal human rights, winning victories for Palestinians and unemployed Israelis alike, and sometimes placing himself in physical danger. After leading “Rabbis For Human Rights” for 21 years, Rabbi Ascherman recently founded “Torat Tzedek-Torah of Justice.” Professor Alan Gilbert will serve as the discussant.

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The Immigrant & Refugee Experience: A Discussion

Welcome Week is an annual series of events. Immigrants, refugees, and native-born residents come together to raise awareness of the benefits of welcoming everyone. We will host a panel discussion and reception with local area immigrants, refugees, and service providers. This event will be co-hosted by DPL and ECDC’s African Community Center. All are welcome!

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Sustainable Restoration Conference

Join Restoration Project International for an event that will bring stakeholders to clarify their roles, and discuss how they can collaborate to fight trafficking.

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IGLI Presents Hauwa Ibrahim – Mothers Without Borders: Steering Youth Away from Violent Extremism

GLI (the Inclusive Global Leadership Initiative) presents Hauwa Ibrahim, activist, human rights lawyer, WSRP Research Associate 2011-2013, and WSRP Colorado Scholar 2010-2011. Hauwa will share her latest work, “Mothers Without Borders: Steering Youth Away From Violent Extremism.” She is interested in developing strategies for harnessing the power of mothers and wives in order to prevent youth radicalization, and her talk will highlight her work on this subject.

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Exploring Sustainability in the Informal Economy

COHRE’s 18th Annual Human Rights Symposium. The 2017 Symposium will focus on economic, social, and environmental aspects of informal labor, drawing from the framework of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. Topics will include how informal labor sectors organize, economics behind choosing to work in the informal sector, informal labor and migration, and vulnerabilities of informal labor due to climate change.

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